How To 


Step 1 - Click on "Volunteer Application" on the left side of the 
screen and complete and submit a volunteer application form from your computer.  You may also contact Sorena Brusseau at 360-421-0308 or 

Step 2 - All volunteers must pass the Washington State Patrol background check. We will contact you for your driver's license information. Once this is successfully completed you will be eligible to volunteer.
Barber Dennis Haug provides free haircuts at the shelter

Volunteers are encouraged to read through the shelter instructions so that they are familiar with our policies and procedures.

Step 3 - As you see the temperatures approach 25 degrees check this site to see when we are open and where volunteers are needed. When we are open you can volunteer by contacting Sorena Brusseau at 360-421-0308 or scbrusseau@gmail.com

The Well Church Offers Shelter From the Cold

MOUNT VERNON — Eugene Collinson, 38, sat on a bench outside New Life at The Well Church, his lap covered in a blanket and streams of steam coming from his mouth.
   After a verbal argument with his roommate, Collinson was out on the street. He has no family or friends to take him in, so he came to the shelter at The Well.   For people like Collinson who have no place to go when the cold hits,The Well is basically it for coldweather shelters in Skagit County. It opens when the forecast predicts temperatures of 25 degrees or lower.The church, located at 123 E. Evergreen Street, opens its doors to anyone needing a place to sleep and a hot meal. Guests are offered hot coffee, soup, blankets and breakfast in the morning.They are only asked to not cause trouble and not abuse any substances.   “It makes the heart feel good,” Collinson said.   Boxes of gloves, socks, hats, toothpaste, scarves and other clothing are stacked up near the entryway and in rooms behind the kitchen.Volunteers try to provide what the guests need from the donations.   

The Rev. Keith Luna said six people used the shelter Monday night, some leaving behind their clothes and backpacks to stake out their spot for later. Luna said it is hard to guess how many people will come so volunteers have to be prepared.They’ve seen as many as 20 people looking for shelter. One obstacle is that news among the homeless community takes time to get out, Luna said.   Luna said the church is not concerned with prying into why people are homeless.They simply want to offer a safe place to sleep.   “Our concern is to show them, at least for one night, that someone cares,” he said.   Though held at The Well, Luna said that the shelter is run by members from various churches in the area that come together to make it happen.   That said, Luna said the shelter is constantly in need of volunteers who can pass a background check and work shifts.   The need becomes especially great with consecutive days of cold, which is exactly what is expected this week. Luna estimates the shelter will be open for the next five days.

Cold Weather on the Way
The shelter will open when the forecast low in the Skagit Valley Herald is 25 degrees or colder. The doors will open at 5:30 PM. If no one registers by 6:30 PM we will close for the night. Our mission is to provide safe overnight shelter during extreme weather to willing people who have no place else to come in from the cold.